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Boston Real Estate News

Boston Suburbs makes Trulia's Top 5 Real Estate Markets to watch in 2012

Posted by Chris Parnell on Thu, Dec 22, 2011 @ 12:12 PM

Coming in at number 4 - the Suburbs of Boston makes Trulia's Top 5 Real Estate markets to watch in 2012. 

"#4 - Suburbs of Boston, MA. This Cambridge-Newton-Framingham market just west of Boston has a strong jobs engine and, like most of New England, missed the worst of the housing bubble. Honorable mention goes to Worcester, one step further west, and Boston’s northern suburbs around Peabody. These areas all benefit from offering more bang for the buck than crowded, expensive Boston: this is because most people looking to move are searching in more suburban or smaller areas than where they live now. (Trulia - 12/20/11) "

There is no better time to invest in Boston's (and Boston's suburb) Real Estate Market. Happy New Year! 

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